August 4, 2020


Since March of 2020 we have all traveled through such a different time that most of us did not think we would ever go through. We surely hope everyone has been safe and healthy during this time and as this seems to be on-going. So many things have changed and so much is on hold in the travel industry. We all have wonderful memories of our travel adventures in the years past and we all are waiting to be able to experience more memories as travel opens and feels safe to travel again. Travel is an exciting industry that we feel fortunate to have a part in it for almost 50 years! We are staying positive while keeping safe as we try to move forward and will have a comeback story.


As this year progressed it was evident that our friends and clients that were booked on group tours and travel felt it be safest to cancel their tour. We are very understanding of that as well. So many attractions and hotels and restaurants and businesses, etc were closed and not sure when open and operating again plus the airlines and cruises were cancelling their vacations and this is going in to the end of the year for some. So has been such an uncertain time for sure. Utopia Tours has since cancelled all the group motorcoach tours through 2020. We never thought that almost a whole year of tours would not be operated. We miss connecting with all the people we have worked with over the years in the hotel and attraction and bus industry, etc They are all saying hope to see you next year! That is our hope too. With cancelling the tours, Utopia has refunded everyone in full for their deposits or full payments. We are working on some of these same tours for 2021 and will be sending out 2021 brochures to those that had registered for the tours this year. It will probably be late Sept. before the brochures are completed as we will need to update with hotels and attractions, etc on how they are doing as far as being open and what would be included, etc. It is all so different now. Plus we need to make sure all is safe and open to travel across the United States and Canada. We will surely stay in contact with everyone as these weeks go by and update as we go, etc. We are basically in a waiting game now to gain the trust and confidence in being able to travel safely. At this point, we are looking at April as a start up time frame for motorcoach travel. A lot of people – families are taking their own driving trips this summer and what a great way to see the country also while making family memories.


With all this, we will be asking everyone to adopt certain behaviors with practicing social distancing, use hand sanitizer, wash your hands, wear a mask (where necessary), etc while traveling. We have been in this for some time now and is just being responsible while traveling in the safest manner possible and hopefully resume travel carefully. As travel advisors, we are all experiencing something that has never before occurred in our industry to this extent. So are working with new guidelines, etc. as we go.


For Alex Travel, people are looking in to and inquiring about travel in 2021 and beyond. It is great to work with our experienced travel advisors who are up to date on the changes that have taken place and what is expected as you pursue your next travel destination by air, cruise, Train, etc. We will do our best to work through this with you. Our travel advisors are knowledgeable and professional. We had a number of group tours and cruises to Europe and Alaska, etc that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 during 2020 now. For these, refunds or travel vouchers were given. We have a listing of 2021 tours now that are gaining interest and also 2022 tours. Plus give us a call on your next family vacation travels as well.

Well, we wanted to update everyone as to where we are at and going forward through this pandemic. We surely appreciate your continued interest in our travels and tours that we offer plus your personal vacations. Do give us a call or e-mail with any questions or concerns you may have. Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to travel excitement ahead.

Thank you

Steve and Elaine Angen and staff at Alex Travel and Utopia Tours

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