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Please read the following regarding your extended motorcoach tour.

**.pdf copy of Policy Sheet 

DEPOSIT: Varies per tour. Due upon sign-up. 


FINAL PAYMENT:  Due by date noted on tour brochure

Payment by cash or check is preferred.  Credit cards are not accepted at this time.


PICK-UPS AND DROP-OFFS are typically in:  Fargo / F-M Visitors Center; Fergus Falls / Wal-Mart;

Alexandria / Perkins; St Cloud / Country Inn & Suites (on Park Ave).  You can leave your car at these locations for the duration of tour. Other pick-ups may be available depending on route of tour. Subject to change.


TOUR INCLUDES:  See “Price Includes” Section.  All sightseeing admissions, transportation, transfers, guide fees, a Utopia Tours tour director, events included in tour itinerary, lodging, baggage handling (for one piece of luggage per person), taxes, tips for services included in tour, meals mentioned in "Price Includes" section of itinerary.  Subject to change.


NOT INCLUDED:  Tips for meals or services not included in tour price, Tour Director and Tour Driver tips. 


TIPPING:  The suggested amount for tipping your Tour Driver and Tour Director is $4-$5 per day, per passenger. Tip envelopes are provided in your tour packet you receive when you board the bus.


LUGGAGE:  One suitcase per person (must weigh less than 50 lbs).  Baggage handling is included at most hotels for this piece of luggage.  You may also bring a carry-on to be handled by yourself.  This should be a small, soft-sided bag that will fit easily below your seat, or in the overhead luggage racks.  The Hotel List you receive in your Final Letter will note which hotels have laundry facilities, should you need to wash clothes during the tour.


PACKING:  Dress for comfort!  Layered clothing is the way to go, due to variable temperatures of your travel destinations, restaurants and venues, and even on the bus.  Maybe a light, all-weather jacket or a sweater in the spring/summer/fall, and a heavier one in the fall/winter/spring months.  Comfortable walking shoes are a must.  It is recommended to put your medications, travel documents, money, valuables, in your carry-on.  This is the bag you bring with you into the bus, as your other luggage may not always be accessible during your trip.


TOUR BUS:  The tour bus will have a restroom in the back of the bus, and luggage racks over your seats.  Most

buses have WiFi capabilities (limited in Canada & Alaska). Some buses may have plug-ins for your electronics.  Buses will follow CDC guidelines for cleaning & sanitizing.


MOTORCOACH SEATING:  There are no assigned or reserved seats. It is "first come, first sit." It is common policy on motorcoach tours to rotate seats during tours.  Your Tour Director will guide you in this.  For the comfort and courtesy of all passengers, it is required that everyone participate in seat rotation. However, if social distancing is required, there will not be a seat rotation. If you have motion sickness please consult your doctor for options. During COVID there will not be a seat rotation.


MEALS:  Breakfasts and other meals are included as noted in the Includes section of each individual tour brochure. We will update this, per tour, closer to their departure dates. Breakfasts and meal are subject to change without notice.


BREAKS:  On driving days, we stop every few hours for coffee and lunch breaks.  This is a great time to stretch a little, use restroom facilities, and mingle with the other passengers.


SPECIAL NEEDS: If you have food allergies, or a special diet, please let us know upon booking. We will make every effort to meet your needs, however, an alternative meal is not always available. If it is not available it is your responsibility to find an alternative. If there are special requirements with disabilities, please notify us upon booking. The Driver and Tour Director are not to act as a travel attendant for passengers that need special assistance. Utopia Tours is not responsible for the accessibility of the facilities used on the tours.


TOUR DOCUMENTS will be mailed out to you approximately 10 days prior to departure.  This letter will include a

tour brochure, hotel list, your pick-up and drop-off times/location, luggage tags, and more.  Name tags will be in your tour packet when you board the bus.

AIRFARE: If airfare is included in your tour, the airline’s policies and cancellation / change fees apply. Additional luggage fees may be incurred at airport check-in. Please follow carry-on and checked luggage rules and regulations. Name on your ticket must match your valid driver’s license or Passport.


UTOPIA TOURS reserves the right to make changes or alterations in the printed itinerary, dates, route, or included features prior to or during the tour as may be necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the tour without prior notice and assumes no responsibility for delays and/or expenses due to such modification.  We will make every effort to fulfill special meal and rooms requests, but do not assume responsibility or liability if request isn’t fulfilled.


RESPONSIBILITY:  Utopia Tours is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property or for injuries, expenses or damages whatsoever incurred or claimed by any tour member.  Once our activities have ended for the day and we are at our lodging, as well as any time you have exited the bus during the tour day, you are on your own and Utopia Tours is not liable for your activities and/or any accident/incident that may occur.  Please use your best judgment when crossing streets/roads and be careful for uneven or slippery sidewalks.  Your safety is important to us!


CANCELLATIONS & REFUND POLICY… (Refunds are for medical reasons only. Need doctors note)

Cancel prior to final payment due date…….100% (full refund)

Cancel after final payment due date & up to 7 business days prior to departure**…Receive 75% back LESS any non-recoverable fees (ex: non-refundable tickets or hotel rooms)

After 7 business days prior to departure**...Non-Refundable

**Non-refundable after final payment due date for cancellations due to non-medical reasons.

*Tour is fully refundable if Utopia Tours cancels the tour.

Cancellation & Refund policy may differ on certain tours (ex: Alaska)


OPTIONAL TRIP CANCELLATION & INTERRUPTION INSURANCE...We are happy to offer you the option of travel insurance through Travel Guard for your upcoming tour.   There are 3 different coverage plans available:  Deluxe, Preferred, and Essential. Rates are based on tour price per person, and your age at time of purchase.   Please note, in order to qualify for the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver your policy must be purchased within 15 days of your Initial Trip Payment. Day one is the date the Initial Payment is Received. If your policy is not purchased within 15 days of the Initial Trip Payment then a look back period applies (Deluxe: 90-day look-back period) (Preferred: 180-day look-back period) (Essential: 180-day look-back period).  Call Travel Guard if you have any questions regarding coverage or pre-existing conditions.  Or, see our website for summaries of each plan.

You can enroll in Travel Guard / AIG:  

*Call their toll-free phone #:  1-800-826-1300

*Enroll on-line through the link on our website.

*Use Agency Code #009478 and Utopia Tours Inc when enrolling

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