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Trip Insurance with TRAVEL GUARD

We are happy to offer you peace of mind when traveling by offering travel insurance through Travel Guard. 

Use the link above to find out more about coverage, rates, and even purchase your policy.

Or you can call them at 1-800-826-1300.  Use Agency Code #009478  Utopia Tours Inc for our plans.


Cost is based on price of tour and your age at time of purchase.  Choose your plan for the coverage you need.

Please note: In order to qualify for the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver your policy must be purchased within 15 days of your Initial Trip Payment.  Day one is the date the Initial Payment is received.  If your policy is not purchased within 15 days of your Initial Trip Payment then a look-back period applies (Deluxe: 90-day look-back period) (Preferred:  180-day look-back period) (Essential: 180-day look-back period).  

Utopia Tours has our own Cancellation Policy as noted on our Policy Sheet.  Payments are fully refundable up to final payment due date, as listed on each tour's brochure.  Cancellation penalties apply after that date.

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